Anne Richter (Vice President)


Native country: Germany

Countries I have lived/worked inGermany, USA, UK, Poland

Languages I speak: German, English, French 

Current locationEisenhuettenstadt, Germany

Activities outside YS
    • Full time social worker for refugees at one of the German hot spots
    • Volunteer German teacher for refugees
    • English lecturer for a local after-school tutoring program

Experience with YSStudying for my Master’s in Social and Cultural Studies in 2010, I wanted to be involved in intercultural work hands on. So I did a web search and found Young SIETAR. Jana Holla was the President then and she encouraged me to apply for the position of Training Coordinator and I was elected. Project-wise I had the pleasure to be part of the Young SIETAR Project Lab 2011, where I submitted a webinar project, which was voted the Gold prize. In 2013, I became the Communication Coordinator and in 2014 the President. Also in 2014, I was part of the team that organized the third Young SIETAR Training for Intercultural Trainers that we hosted in Berlin, which was a great team building experience. 

What I love about YSI love being part of a global intercultural, virtual network made up of people from all walks of life who care about the same thing.

Key strengths: Versatility

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