Ji-Yu Bak (Research Coordinator)

Native countryRepublic of Korea (South Korea)

Countries I have lived/worked inGermany, UK, Republic of Korea

Languages I speakKorean, English, German(A1), Chinese(A2)
Current location Seoul, Republic of Korea

Activities outside YS

  • Independent Intercultural trainer by her brand ‘Smell the Seoul’
  • Developing intercultural learning tools
  • Writing books about intercultural communication and cultural adaptation
  • Doing yoga, Gardening and Reading photography books
Experience with YS

I have been a member of SIETAR Europa and SIETAR UK since 2018. And I meet the Young SIETAR by two communities. I joined the Young SIETAR in 2021 and became a research coordinator.

What I love about YS: 

I love to meet new people who are happy to share a passion for intercultural communication across cultures!

Key strengths

(In general) curious, easy-going - (When working) active, meticulous, reliability

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