Laia Costa (Education Coordinator)

Native country
: Spain
Countries I have lived/worked in: United Kingdom, France, Austria, Germany, Spain
Languages I speak: Catalan, Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese 
Current location: Frankfurt, Germany
Activities outside YS

    • Marketing assistant at a global mobility company
    • Member of the Communications team of Sietar Europa Congress
    • Intercultural events organizer (expats, immigrants, refugees)
Experience with YS:

I have always been interested in intercultural issues (migration, living other cultures, global movements…) that why I studied translation and interpreting and global business. At the end of my studies, I wanted to become actively involved in making this world more culturally sensitive (I noticed there are so many misunderstandings nowadays!) and I started searching online the options available.

Young Sietar was one of the first results and it immediately caught my attention as it was the only organization I found targeted to professionals at the beginning of their careers. I became a member and after some months, I just felt I wanted to move forward and take an even more active role helping the other members and the society in general: Education coordinator! 

What I love about YS: Being surrounded by people from all over the world who want to promote cultural understanding, through knowledge sharing and through mutual cooperation.  Also, I like this “we can-do-it” spirit: we are not afraid of trying new things, as long as we think they are worth it!    

Key strengths: curious, open-minded and energetic

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