Nadine Binder

Nadine Binder is an intercultural trainer, facilitator, and coach. She currently is pursuing a PhD in Psychology with a focus on intercultural competence and intercultural learning at the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS). She is living and working in Germany, but has also lived in Australia and the Netherlands for her studies. She has offered training and coaching to profit and non-profit organizations using the knowledge and experience she has gained through her studies and work in diverse, multicultural environments.

Nadine is specialized in Intercultural Competence and Personal Leadership, with the aim of supporting individuals, teams, and organizations to flourish. With her passion for both the academic and business world, she facilitates from a solid theoretical basis and utilizes real-world experience to facilitate learning for both individuals and groups. With a strong belief that people learn best from reflecting on their own experience, she encourages clients to link their insights to theory and thereby develop their knowledge and skills.

Nadine has an M.A. in Management of Cultural Diversity from Tilburg University, the Netherlands, and a B.A. in Intercultural Relations and Behavior from Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. She has received certifications from the Intercultural Communication Institute (ICI) in the U.S. and other learning organizations, is an Associate Facilitator of Personal Leadership and an active member of the Young Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (Young SIETAR).

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