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Our Research Team conducts research projects which focus on intercultural education, communication and training. We are passionate and qualified researchers in the intercultural field, a virtual team from different parts of the world. Every two years we are conducting the TOIT research study where we analyze ways in which the participants benefited from the train-the-trainer event (TOIT). In 2017, Young SIETAR brought out the 5 th edition of Training of Intercultural Trainers which took place in el Masnou (Catalonia, Spain) from September 28 to October 1, 2017. In 2019, Young SIETAR will bring out the 6 th edition of TOIT+ which will take place in Ukraine (Kyiv and Kharkiv) from September 24 to September 29, 2019.

Most recent research projects

TOIT 2017

Research Team members

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Most recent research projects

TOIT effectiveness study

Daskalaki, E., Chernyak, N. and Binder, N., 2018. Training of intercultural trainers 2017: Summary of results. Young SIETAR Training & Research Team. 

You can download the report here

Book of abstracts 3rd COCAC Conference, Warsaw, Poland, 2018. 

Daskalaki, E. and Chernyak, N. 2018. Moving from a multicultural society towards an intercultural one through an educational initiative: The example of Training of Intercultural Trainers (TOIT) of Young SIETAR (YS). 3rd international conference on communications across cultures: Revisiting multiculturalism and interdisciplinary, in today's academic communication, Społeczna Akademia Nauk - studia Warszawa, 6-7 December. Warsaw: Społeczna Akademia Nauk - studia Warszawa

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TOIT 2017

What our interviewees said about their last experience of our TOIT in Barcelona:

‘The most enjoyable part was the exchange with the people, actually to meet people and to also talk about the ideas
I am having and giving and receiving feedback getting to know each other, it was very very important for me to get
to know who the people are and if I can do something with themand how I can do something with them. So that
was something very fruitful … networking and next to networking also the location … next to the sea’ (Interviewee, AST)

‘Eh, the exchange with the trainers and the experiences with other participants. Networking was very important, socialising and also you can learn from people …’ (Interviewee, CST)

‘Well for me I know there was not enough time but I would have loved to have more time for practice, yeah, but I know
there was not enough time’ (Interviewee, CST)

‘So, I really enjoyed the experience of the trainers and how well prepared they were with presentations and the facilitation I really enjoyed like the quality of the workshops and also the network, getting to know on the one hand the trainers, the organisers, but also other participants, so I really enjoyed the workshop about unconscious bias and I learned a lot about the importance of it’ (Interviewee, CST)

‘I liked the session … about selling so I think beside your technical skills apart from how to do a training you need more
skills and we are all afraid of this. We need soft skills, we need to sell ourselves …’ (Interviewee, AST)

Our current Research Team members

Dr Eirini Daskalaki

Research coordinator and member of the board
Find out more about Eirini on our website and on linkedin

Dr. Boudjemaa Dendenne

Boudjemaa Dendenne received his PhD in applied linguistics from the University of Frères Mentouri (Constantine 1, Algeria). He is a teacher of linguistics at the École Normale Supérieure/Teacher Training School (Sétif, Algeria). His main research interests include pragmatics (cross-cultural, interlanguage), English as a lingua franca, translation and natural semantic metalanguage. Boudjemaa has published in many journals, including the Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies (University of Selçuk, Turkey), and participated in a number of national and international conferences organised by Algerian universities. You can read more by following this link.

Maria Stogianni

Maria Stogianni is a PhD candidate in Social and Cultural Psychology at the University of Luxembourg. She received her MSc in Social Psychology from Tilburg University, The Netherlands and her BSc in Psychology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Her research interests focus on identity processes, acculturation, well-being and attitudes towards multiculturalism. Her work has been presented in international conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals. As a member of the research team, she contributes to data analysis and presentation of research findings. You can read more by following this link.

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If you have any questions about the work of our research team or are interested in a cooperation, contact our Research Coordinator at

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