The Research Team

Do you have the knowledge, skills and experience of what constitutes a good researcher?

At Young SIETAR, we are always looking for individuals who want to collaborate with the research team and wish to be part of our existing projects or initiate a new one.

If you think that you are motivated, curious, open-minded, ethical and skilled in using multiple research methods when it comes to conducting research, feel free to contact our Research Coordinator by sending your CV to for consideration.

Most recent research projects

TOIT effectiveness study

Daskalaki, E., Chernyak, N. and Binder, N., 2018. Training of intercultural trainers 2017: Summary of results. Young SIETAR Training & Research Team. 

You can download the report here

YS Learning Library

In this section, you can find terms and books related to the intercultural field. It is only accessible to Young SIETAR members, so please log in to gain access at:

TOIT 2017

What our interviewees said about their last experience of our TOIT in Barcelona:

‘The most enjoyable part was the exchange with the people, actually to meet people and to also talk about the ideas
I am having and giving and receiving feedback getting to know each other, it was very very important for me to get
to know who the people are and if I can do something with themand how I can do something with them. So that
was something very fruitful … networking and next to networking also the location … next to the sea’ (Interviewee, AST)

‘Eh, the exchange with the trainers and the experiences with other participants. Networking was very important, socialising and also you can learn from people …’ (Interviewee, CST)

‘Well for me I know there was not enough time but I would have loved to have more time for practice, yeah, but I know
there was not enough time’ (Interviewee, CST)

‘So, I really enjoyed the experience of the trainers and how well prepared they were with presentations and the facilitation I really enjoyed like the quality of the workshops and also the network, getting to know on the one hand the trainers, the organisers, but also other participants, so I really enjoyed the workshop about unconscious bias and I learned a lot about the importance of it’ (Interviewee, CST)

‘I liked the session … about selling so I think beside your technical skills apart from how to do a training you need more
skills and we are all afraid of this. We need soft skills, we need to sell ourselves …’ (Interviewee, AST)

Join the Research Team

If you are interested in joining the research team, please contact our Research Coordinator, Dr Eirini Daskalaki, for more details at:

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