Susan Salzbrenner (President)


Native country: Germany

Countries I have lived/worked inUSA, Australia, France, China, Denmark, Germany   (lived), worked in many more

Languages I speak: Deutsch, English, Francais, Dansk, um pouco de portugues 

Current location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Activities outside YS
    • Podcast listener
    • Yoga and running enthusiast
    • Mum of two multilingual kids
    • Enterpreneur

Experience with YS

I joined Young Sietar in 2012, and have been involved on and off over the years. However, I NEVER managed to attend a congress, such a shame. I delivered webinars throughout the years. In 2013 I was part of the revival of TOIT in Berlin, as an organizer and facilitator.

Looking forward to many more to come.  

What I love about YSThe community of people that care and openly share their knowledge, network and ideas. It’s a place to make new friends, meet like-minded people and collaborate virtually when you are on the move as much as I am.

Key strengths: People say about me that I can motivate others and have many good ideas. I like the aspect of our field that allows us to learn, borrow, and expand the knowledge, research and best practices of other areas. So, I guess one could say that a strength of mine is thinking cross-disciplinary.
I am a night owl – which is not a strength per se, but something people should know about my work preferences. Don’t count on me in the early morning  :-)

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