What is TOIT?

TOIT stands for the ‘Training of Intercultural Trainers’. In 2017, Young SIETAR is offering #5th edition of its highly acclaimed TOIT series. TOIT 2017 will take place in Barcelona, Spain.

TOIT participants will learn, or add to their knowledge of, how to design, develop and deliver effective intercultural training interventions and (further) improve their training skills.

TOIT brings together newcomers to the intercultural field, students with intercultural focus and experienced intercultural practitioners from all over the world to network, learn from *experienced IC trainers and each other, and plan the next stages of their intercultural careers.

The program offers two primary tracks – Core Skills and Advanced Skills - depending on participants’ level of experience. Furthermore, participants can choose from an array of optional Open Sessions to accelerate their learning.

# - The first four editions of the YS TOIT series were held in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) in 2006, Jena (Germany) in 2009, Berlin (Germany) in 2014, and Krakow (Poland) in 2016.

* - The TOIT will be custom designed and co-facilitated by a team of IC practitioners who are coming to Barcelona at their own expense from North Africa, North America and Eastern Europe. Team members specialize in such key IC training areas as: career development, competence building, conflict resolution, executive coaching, facilitation skills, global leadership, multi-cultural teamwork, organizational psychology, relocation training, etc.

The TOIT is open to anyone over 18 years old. There is no maximum age limit for participants as Young SIETAR unites intercultural trainers who are young at heart.


If you need more time to make a decision yet you’d like to stay tuned with the latest news about the TOIT 2017, please send an email to training@youngsietar.org . We’d  be glad to stay in touch!

Who organizes TOIT?

The TOIT is organized by Young SIETAR that is an international member-run non-profit organization without borders or regional branches. Young SIETAR is committed to expand its role as a helpmate to a new generation of interculturalists. Through a wide range of activities like the TOIT, Young SIETAR aims to build a bridge between training professionals of today and tomorrow.

As the TOIT is aimed at prospective trainers who have just started building their careers in the intercultural field, this training is envisioned as a low-cost event. Although the TOIT is affordable for beginner intercultural trainers, it is facilitated by recognized industry practitioners.

In 2017, the TOIT is managed by a virtual five-person team of enthusiasts from different corners of the world. TOIT team is looking for volunteers based in Barcelona area who are willing to support the training event on-site. Volunteers will receive a Certificate of Training Assistant Team Member and a formal Thank you letter. Join us!

** Please note that due to reasons of legal duties of supervision and responsibilities you need to be at least 18 years old to participate in TOIT.

TOIT Effectiveness Report
The Young SIETAR research team has published the TOIT effectiveness study which measured the benefit of the TOIT for the participants.
You can download the report here

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