Nadine Binder (Education & Training Coordinator)

Native country: Germany

Countries I have lived/worked in: Germany, Netherlands, Australia

Languages I speak: German, English, French

Current location: Brake, Germany

Activities outside YS

  • Intercultural trainer and project manager at InterCultur (Hamburg, Germany)
  • Independent trainer for time- and self-management, mental health awareness, communication, and diversity & inclusion
  • Trained Co-Active Coach
  • Senior facilitator for Personal Leadership
  • Co-founder and co-host of the Globally Conscious Peacemakers (GCP)
  • Member of the Executive team at the World Council on Intercultural & Global Competence
  • Scientist at heart, still working on publications based on my PhD research
  • I love being in nature, cooking new recipes, trying different types of coffee and wine, reading nonfiction books, and running and lifting weights

My vision for YS: If someone is interested in the intercultural field and asks me where and how to get started, I say „check out Young SIETAR – the place for interculturalists to connect, learn, and grow together, in a fun and supportive way, a place where everyone is welcome and invited to contribute, and where we co-create learning opportunities, events, and much more :-)

What I love about YS:  Everyone is welcome and can contribute & the spirit of giving to the community without expecting anything in return, it is a truly supportive community of people who share a passion for intercultural learning and contact and it connects people across places, age groups, professions, …

One of my most amazing intercultural experiences: Definitely the TOIT 2017 near Barcelona – it was just so good to experience how interculturalists from around the world came together, enjoying the location, the learning opportunities, and most of all the space to connect with each other. Another one was my time as a PhD student – where I was part of a very multicultural cohort and we quickly became a family of friends who are in close contact until today even though we are now spread all across the globe.

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