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  • 20 May 2018
  • online

YS Board is so excited to revive the tradition of YS Cafés and invite you to our first virtual event this year! 

What are YS Cafés?

It's an informal meeting of YS members that helps young interculturalists to grow network of professional connections, exchange ideas, get experience of communication across cultures and have fun :) YS Cafés were launched in early 2010s by a team of YoungSIETARians.

Any member could invite other Young SIETARians to a YS Café in any place around the globe. The map of YS members could help you see if there is anyone around and decide on a rendezvous. Please check the map out and add your own pin!

As you have seen, in the most recent YS Herald, in February we had a YS Café in San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.

What are Virtual YS Cafés?

If you are you in a faraway location and would still like to meet fellow YSians; or if you are craving to feel the YS spirit, join one of our traditional Virtual YS Cafés!

The basic idea is to bring Young SIETARians together, particularly from those places where there are no face-to-face YS Cafés  and to promote interaction and connection across borders. In that way it is very similar to a face-to-face YS Café except these are (obviously) taking place online!

We would like to keep the virtual YS Café as informal as possible – as we will also have YS webinars. As a virtual setting is different from a real café, we established a number of guidelines: 
- the number of participants is limited, 
- the Café will be facilitated,
- a topic is suggested to get things started. 
This does not mean we are only discussing that - as in a face-to-face YS Café you are invited to talk about everything and anything! 

The meeting will not be recorded – if you want to experience it, you’ll just have to be there!

Meeting details

When? Sunday May 20, 2018 in the evening CET. The exact time will be determined according to the meeting members availability in the evening CET on May 20, 2018 (via a Doodle poll to registered people).

Where? In your own living room (or wherever you have internet access).

What? Connecting YS members with similar professional interests.


Sign up now through sending an e-mail to Ms Nadia Chernyak at youngsietartraining@gmail.com. For this first Café we are limiting the number of participants to 10, so sign up by Friday May 11, 2018!

If there is a big demand, we’ll increase the number of participants for future Virtual Cafés or increase the number of times we have Virtual Cafés. And of course, if you can’t make it after all, let us know too so that someone else can take your place.

The Virtual Café will be hosted by GoToMeeting, a virtual platform which will also be used for YS webinars. If you have registered for the Virtual Café you’ll receive instructions and a link where the meeting will take place a couple of days before the meeting.

Headphones and microphones are essential for the quality of the meeting – so make sure you are equipped!

If you don’t have a computer which enables you to do that, there is a possibility to call in using your telephone. You’ll get the details once you register!

GoToMeeting also allows the use of webcams, so make sure yours – if you have one – is turned on to increase the “Café-feeling” of actually seeing the persons you’re chatting with!

See you online!

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