Diana Winokur (Communications Coordinator and Vice-President)

Native countryUkraine/Germany

Countries I have lived/worked inGermany, Ukraine, France

Languages I speakGerman, Russian, Ukrainian, English, French, Spanish 

Current location: Munich, Germany

Activities outside YS

  • Consultant/Process Manager 
  • Bouldering, dancing, going out with my friends
  • Traveling
My vision for YSYS being a unique, creative and welcoming organization in the intercultural world with great ideas for the members around the world.

What I love about YSBeing a part of a great global community, the exchange of ideas, trying out new things.

One of my most amazing travel/intercultural experiences: When traveling in Albania, me and my friend just randomly met a family. After hanging around with them we were invited to stay at their place. It was an amazing hospitality and we spent a great time being a part of a local culture. 

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