Hannah Lambeck (President)

Native country: Germany

Countries I have lived/worked in: Germany, USA, The Netherlands, Canada, Peru

Languages I speak: German, English, Spanish, Dutch

Current location: Cologne, Germany

Activities outside YS 

  • Freelance Trainer for intercultural competence and communication

  • Expat coaching

  • Volunteer Management at AFS Germany 

  • Open house for refugees

  • Basketball, Salsa, Sailing

My vision for YS:

I envision Young SIETAR to be a well known and respected organisation in the intercultural field. While we are already well underway, I envision YS to be even more international and offer interculturalists a safe, fun place to grow.
In my vision, YS primarily thrives through its members who are excited to try out new ideas and concepts, connect with each other and create joint projects, enjoy the exchange with like minded people and learn from each other.

What I love about YS:

Welcoming, creative and innovative: that’s YS to me. 

All it takes are a bunch of motivated like-minded individuals spread across all continents and some technology. The result is an amazing global community that allows us to learn, make friends and contribute to a more peaceful world. Now, who wouldn’t love to be part of such a creative, diverse community?

One of my most amazing travel/intercultural experiences

Since I lived in Peru in 2010-2012 I had wanted to visit Kuelap in the North of Peru. In 2020 I finally managed to travel up North and was just blown away by the mystic and beautiful pre-Inka site. The entire two week trip to the North was filled with encounters, moments, food and views that I will never forget.

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