Tamara Thorpe

Tamara Thorpe is the CEO of Real Global, helping her clients discover how wonderful intercultural and multi-generational differences are and how they can use those differences to enrich their work and life.

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Victoria Spashchenko

Victoria Spashchenko - trainer, executive and intercultural coach, Solution-Focused practitioner and Cross-Cultural consultant, speaker, facilitator, moderator, author of the book “How to Solve Problems Without Discussing Them. Solution-Focused Approach for Managers and for Others, too”.

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Randall Stieghorst

Randall Stieghorst is a partner at Language & Culture Worldwide (LCW) where he brings more than 20 years of personal and professional cross-cultural experience—including living, working, and studying for extended periods in Eastern and Western Europe, South America, and the Caribbean.

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Drs. Veronique Kilian

Although born in Bonn, Germany (1969), Veronique Kilian was raised in the Netherlands. A background of Chinese ancestors and parents, who were born and raised as Chinese in Indonesia, inspired her to graduate in Intercultural Psychology & Social Science.

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