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In 2019, the TOIT+ takes place in Ukraine, a country in Eastern Europe which has been in the news for many years, following the Maidan revolution in 2014 and the still ongoing war in the Donbass region. TOIT+ stands under the slogan "Discovering the Unknown", as even so Ukraine is part of Europe, easily reachableby plane, many people still don't have vistited this country or have a relationship towards it. We want to change this. Therefore Young SIETAR is organizing for the first time an event in a country of the former Soviet Union and hopes that many interesed intercultural practioners will join.

The event will be spilt into two phases, the first being to arrive in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, and to dive into Ukrainian culture, getting a first idea of the complexity, but yet also the beauty of this country, and then take a 5 hour train ride to Kharkiv, the second largest city of Ukraine, former capital and nowadays the city in Ukraine with the highest number of students.

In Kharkiv the participants will have two full days of train the trainer, workshops designed by chosen longtime experts in the field.

We want to offer to the participants a unique experience and a perfect mix between local insights and practical input. Everybody interested in Discovering the Unknown is highly welcome to join us!


If you want to have a look at the hostels, please use the following links:

Hostel Kyiv

Hostel Kharkiv

What sort of accommodation is included in my congress contribution?

Your accommodation is included in the TOIT 2019+ price and arranged for two nights in Kyiv (Tuesday, Sept. 24 - Thursday, Sept. 26), and three nights in Kharkiv.The hostel in Kharkiv will be exclusively used by TOIT+ 2019 trainers and participants.

Furnished with single and bunk beds, rooms can accommodate 4, 6, 8 or 10 persons with access to shared bathroom facilities.

Breakfast is not provided in both hostel, but coffee and tea are fro free. There are many places nearby where you can buy breakfast. Both hostels have excellent Wifi and are located close to our venues. The staff usually speaks good English.

Please bring your own towel with you as in the hostel in Kiev it is not included in the price.

Social program

During the TOIT+ we offer several optional networking and leisure activities, for example, a Farewell Dinner.

Excursions through the cities, a welcome evening in Kharkiv, city rallyes, visit of local NGOs, an interactive workshop in Gorky Park and many other activities will be a wonderful addition to the seminars and workshops.

One of the goals of the event is getting to know the local culture. Participants will get to know local activists, many different venues, two Ukrainian cities and taste the local cuisine.

On Saturday September 28, trainers and participants will dine out in a local restaurant, have their Farewell dinner in a typical Ukrainian atmosphere. Farewell Dinner will be sponsored by Young SIETAR.

On Friday September 27, TOIT+ 2019 participants will be offered free time in the evening.


Participants are awarded a certificate after successfully completing the TOIT+.

To ensure better recognition and communication of this achievement, Young SIETAR also issues a verified digital badge that TOIT+ 2019 participants can add on their LinkedIn profiles or share in social media.


  • Contribution for Members of Young SIETAR*
    • Early Early Bird Fee (until June 15, 2019) - 180 EUR
    • Early Bird Fee (until August 24, 2019) - 200 EUR

* Learn how to become a Young SIETAR member and enjoy more benefits: 

  • Contribution for Non-YoungSIETAR Members
    • Early Early Bird Fee (until June 15, 2019) - 230 EUR
    • Early Bird Fee (until August 24, 2019) - 250 EUR

    The price includes tuition, 5 nights (Tue, Sept. 24 - Sun, Sept. 29) at the hostels, half board (2 meals per day), a Farewell Dinner at a local restaurant, coffee breaks, and training materials and local transportation.

    ** Please note: travel, health insurance, subsistence expenses, and costs for visa are not included.


    The organizing committee has tried to bring the prices down as much as possible. Special reductions include Early Early Bird registration (from May 15 to June 15, 2019).

    Young SIETAR has limited funds for grants. To allow the participation of Intercultural Practitioners from Ukraine, we will at a later moment announce special options for interested people form Ukraine.


    Registration for the TOIT+ 2019 is open from May 15, 2019 to August 24, 2019 on our website. Please use this link.

    * Please note that due to reasons of legal duties of supervision and responsibilities you need to be at least 18 years old to participate in the TOIT+.

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