Dr. Ceren Abacıoğlu

Ceren has a doctoral degree from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) on multicultural education, and its influence on intercultural friendships and motivation to learn and to engage with learning environments. She currently teaches psychology track courses within the interdisciplinary bachelor’s program Politics, Psychology, Law, and Economics at the University of Amsterdam, and develops materials and educates the academic staff on teaching in international classrooms through the university’s Teaching and Learning Centre. In addition, she gives trainings and workshops through Diversity Dive as a self-standing trainer. 

She brings together research-based knowledge, skills, and tools from psychological and educational sciences to explore ways in which we can create diverse and inclusive environments where everyone has psychological safety and equitable opportunities to thrive. She bases her training and facilitation approach on experiential learning. With this approach, individuals “learn by doing”, and connect new knowledge to their lived experiences through reflection and critical thinking and synthesize this knowledge to apply to new situations in a safe context where cultural differences are recognized and celebrated. This approach is important in her practice as it encourages individuals to explore and appreciate what they themselves can bring to the table.

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