Johanna El Ouardy

Johanna El Ouardy is passionate about connecting people across languages and cultures. She pursued this passion in different ways during her undergraduate studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology and her current work on her MA in Intercultural German Studies / Teaching German as a Foreign Language. What both have in common is the strong focus on intercultural communication and competence.
In addition to her studies, Johanna completed a certification program as a trainer for intercultural qualifications at universities, and has been designing, developing, and delivering intercultural trainings and virtual exchange formats for university students at several higher ed institutions since 2018.
In her academic and practical work, she is committed to enable students deal constructively with intercultural situations, on site and in international contexts. Currently, Johanna is particularly interested in how experiential learning methodology and reflection can be used to foster the development of intercultural competencies in collaborative virtual exchange formats.

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