Drs. Veronique Kilian

Although born in Bonn, Germany (1969), Veronique Kilian was raised in the Netherlands. A background of Chinese ancestors and parents, who were born and raised as Chinese in Indonesia, inspired her to graduate in Intercultural Psychology & Social Science. Veronique is a senior trainer covering different aspects of leadership, personal effectiveness and intercultural management in her training. As a transformation coach she facilitates clients through deep personal transformations in life.

To enrich and inspire her business Veronique integrates out-of-the-box training tools, based on NeuroLinguisticProgramming (NLP), Dialogue Process, Healing Tao, Kung Fu and the Game of Transformation. She published 2 books; one about Teamcoaching and the Art of Authentic Dialogue and  a book about Happiness at Work. Veronique is founder of Young SIETAR.

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