Nadine Binder (Education & Training Coordinator)

Native country: Germany

Countries I have lived/worked in: Germany, Netherlands, Australia

Languages I speak: German, English, French

Current location: Hamburg, Germany

Activities outside YS

  • Intercultural trainer and project manager at InterCultur (Hamburg, Germany)
  • Freelance trainer for time- and self-management for students (undergraduate, graduate, PhD)
  • Senior facilitator for Personal Leadership
  • Scientist at heart, I recently finished my PhD and am working on publications and ideas for further research
  • I love to challenge myself, be it by teaching myself programming or at the gym where I enjoy heavy lifting or high intensity workouts
Experience with YS: became a YS member in 2014, served as a Training Coordinator for two years (2015/2016) and organized the TOIT in Krakow. In 2017, I was involved as a trainer at TOIT in Barcelona and afterwards became a mentor in the Mentoring Program. In 2018, I was less active as I was juggling a full-time trainer job with finishing my PhD. Now that the PhD is done, I am happy to dive back in and contribute more actively to YS!

What I love about YS:  Everyone is welcome and can contribute & the spirit of giving to the community without expecting anything in return, it is a truly supportive community of people who share a passion for intercultural learning and contact and it connects people across places, age groups, professions, …

Key strengths: Passion, love to organize stuff while also being comfortable to go with the flow, practice what you teach

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