Ruth Layola Gomez (Events Coordinator)

Native country: Spain

Countries I have lived/worked in: UK, USA, Kenya, Uganda

Languages I speak: Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian

Current location: Barcelona, Spain

Activities outside YS

  • English teacher
  • Volunteer in projects with „Children of Africa“, in Kenya
  • Social activist for Human Rights
  • Handmade and DIY, such as sewing and baking
My vision YS: I would like to give VOICE to our members and make their ideas for events come true!

What I love about YSThe spirit! Love meeting new people with fresh ideas and a ton of different experiences and feeling part of this global community!

One of my amazing travel/intercultural experiences: Lived with a Korean, an Indian and an American and learnt from each situation, even the little things, and loved to gather and cook for each other while telling stories and connecting through food and new flavors!

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