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Welcome to the Young SIETAR intercultural blog!

05 Feb 2021 4:57 PM | Kristina Ganchenko

Dear Young Sietarians,

On behalf of Young SIETAR Communication Team I am thrilled to announce a new feature on our website: an intercultural blog. 

We added this page to the website to connect with our community by speaking about different issues and various happenings within the intercultural field. 

This blog is a space where you will be able to find opinions, reflections, stories, reviews on various topics related to intercultural research, education, training, diversity and inclusion, languages, multiculturalism and many more. 

For me this will be a wonderful opportunity to share my personal cross-cultural stories of living, studying and working in three different cultures - Russia, India and the UK. In addition, I would love to reflect upon my learning as a Young SIETAR member, my aspirations and the journey towards becoming an intercultural professional.

The content will be participant driven, so we would love you to contribute and share a story that matters to you! 

  • Would you like to share your experiences of working, living or studying abroad?
  • Are you researching an intercultural issue?
  • Have you read an interesting book or article?
  • Is there a movie that sparked your interest?
  • Have you attended a cultural event?

Do you have any other intercultural topic you would like to discuss?

If so, we would love to hear from you! This is your invitation to connect with other members when you post an article and be part of this exciting virtual community of interculturalists.

Please submit your blog contributions with a short paragraph about yourself at kristina.intercultural@gmail.com. We will manage the posting process for you. Additionally if you have any questions please email to the same email or drop a comment below.

Stay tuned for more stories!

Kristina Ganchenko

Young SIETAR Communications team

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